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Swallow Class - Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Swallows, I hope you’ve managed to get outside over the past two days to enjoy the sunshine.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing and hearing about your PE circuits.  I’ll definitely be borrowing some of your ideas to use with Harriet and Beatrice.  Ms Price and I had a virtual staff meeting with the teachers and Mr Savage this morning.  I hope you’re managing to keep in touch with your friends using technology or even writing letters to one another.

Ms Felton


Remember to keep up with a little bit of spelling practice each day.  Here are some ideas…

  • Rainbow writing
  • Putting your word into a sentence
  • 100 word story challenge including as many of your spellings as possible.


How did you get on with exploring contrast as a tool for characterisation in Holes?  I’m sure you have identified several ways in which Mr Sir and Mr Pendanski are very different.  Here is a WAGOLL showing some of the contrasts you might have noticed and the impact this has on the reader. 


Nicknames are another means of characterisation in Holes, which is why it is so significant that Mr Sir doesn’t have one.  I know that many of you already have nicknames!  Reflect on the purpose of a nickname.  Are nicknames usually given or chosen?  Stanley is pleased by his nickname Caveman.  Write this IALT in your exercise book and answer the following questions: 

IALT explore characterisation through nicknames.

1. Why do you think the boys call Stanley the Caveman?

2. Why is Stanley pleased with his nickname?

3. If you could choose any nickname what would it be and what would you see it as saying about your character?

If you are able to, it would be great if you could type your answer to question 3 rather than write it.  Email your reply to me at:


It’s time for a battle!  Log into your TT Rockstars account and you will see a battle has been set up. Year 5 vs Year 6.  You have just over 2 weeks to earn points for your year group.  The winner will be revealed after the Easter holidays!

Keeping the theme of times tables we will focus on multiplication and division for the next 2 days.  I have attached an activity called multiplication and division activities.  You will see each page has a star.  3 stars is the most challenging.  Choose an activity to work on, remembering to show your workings.  Some of the questions will require you to use rounding.  You will need to look at the context of the question, rather than simply applying the usual rule to rounding.  The answers have been included at the end of each activity. 




Thank you so much for the 2 Kahoot quizzes which have so far been submitted, both by Year 5!  It is great that these children are willing to share their learning and it gives us another way to connect.  I have just used initials but I’m sure you can work out whose quizzes these are!  If you have completed the history learning set, please share your Kahoot quiz link with me at as it would be great for us to test out our historical knowledge!

Thank you LJ:

Thank you MR:

Religious Education (RE)

This term, throughout our topic, we have been exploring the question, ‘How can God be both holy and loving?’  For Christians, the Easter story is fundamental and the act of Jesus dying on a cross, followed 3 days later by the resurrection reflects these joint qualities of personal love and awe-inspiring holiness.   

Watch this cartoon film clip for a quick reminder of the key events in the Easter story and read the text on the web-page:

Imagine you were creating a documentary about how Max and his family celebrate Easter.  Using the information in the film and from the web-page create a pictorial story board showing approximately 6 things Max and his family might do across the Easter period.  Under each box, write a sentence explaining how this links to their Christian beliefs.

Additional Activities

So how did you find yesterday’s anagram?  The answer was SIGNATURE

By now, you are becoming anagram professionals so here is a real challenge.  The answer has 2 words:


I hope you are finding the Transum activities good tools to revise your prior knowledge.  I have not set any that include topics we haven’t covered; however the different ways in which the information is presented make them great challenges.  Have a go at this one: