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Swallow Class - Friday 22nd May

Good morning Swallow Class,

Welcome to Friday and unbelievably the end of the first half of the summer term.  I’ve just finished writing the first draft of the play and am getting ready to share it with Mr Spencer and Miss Felton.  Hopefully, they will approve and we can start work on this after half-term.  I hope that you are as excited as I am.  Whether you are working from home or attending school, you will all have the opportunity to take part.  More details will be shared soon!  I hope you and your families all have a lovely half-term.

Ms Price


If you used yesterday’s English time to finish your story, then please work through the attached PowerPoint on apostrophes and complete the worksheets on the dragons’ possessions.  If you completed this work yesterday, please complete the attached work on plurals – ‘Pluraltastic’.  Hopefully, revising apostrophes has helped secure your understanding.  Check this out by completing the apostrophe test attached and then use the answers to mark your work.

I mentioned yesterday that I am always shocked and surprised (Don’t laugh!) to see signs and slogans, often produced by companies for thousands of pounds, with basic spelling or grammar mistakes.  Have a look at the following link:

Can you identify what the mistake is in each of the picture?






Remember to keep up with a little bit of spelling practice each day.  Here are some ideas… 

  • Make a word search or a crossword. (You can do this on paper or online)

  • Look, Say, Cover, Write
  • Putting your word into a sentence
  • Dictionary definitions


I have posted the answers to the SATs questions from yesterday.  Have a look at the answers and go through anything you got wrong. 


I have attached the same document from yesterday (Practice Shape).  Look at page 9 - Triangular jigsaw.  Do you have enough information to calculate the missing angles?  You may need to recap on the key facts of angles in a triangle, angles on a straight line and angles round a point.


Extension Activity: If you completed the activity quickly then you could design your own angle jigsaw.  This will require some thought on how much information you give.  You need to make sure you include enough measurements so that the person can calculate the missing angles, but try not to give too much away to make it challenging!


A few weeks ago, you completed an activity of locating famous buildings in capital cities.  Test your knowledge of capital cities by having a go at naming each European capital on the sheet attached.  Once you have tried your best, use the Internet or an atlas to mark your answers and complete any gaps.  Set yourself a challenge for half-term of memorising as many European capital cities as you can.


Physical Education (PE)

How high and far can you jump?

Find a tape measure or use an object to measure the following:

How far can you jump?

  • 2 feet to 2 feet
  • 1 foot to 2 feet
  • Linking a hop, step and jump (triple jump)

How high can you jump?

  • Using 2 feet to 2 feet, jump by a wall and reach up with your nearest arm, make a note of that height. Then jump up and touch the wall as high up as you can.

Think about bending your knees before take-off and pushing up and forward. Think about how you can use your arms to give you greater momentum?

Optional Additional Activities

Geography Geek

I have attached a fabulous picture clue quiz on capital cities.  Have a go at working these out yourself and then check your answers.  Challenge your parents to see if they can solve the picture clues!  You might want to have a go at creating picture clues yourself for other nouns. 


Ms Millar’s Space Challenge

As you already know, there have been no manned moon landings since 1972.  Artemis is the name of the NASA space program to return astronauts to the moon’s surface by 2024.  There are hopes to extend the length of time that humans can spend on the moon.  The link contains six animations which explain a range of issues to be considered in order for this to happen.

Your mission is to design a home suitable for humans to inhabit on the moon.  I would definitely have a swimming pool in mine!

Football Fun

Did you know there was a National Football Museum?  Thanks to Mr Spencer I do!  Have a look at the following link for some ideas of great activities:

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