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Robin Class - Thursday 2nd April

Morning Robins!

I hope that you’re all doing well today.  Shall we do the register quickly?  You may answer your names with something you have watched on TV during the past week which you would recommend to others.  As for myself, my family and I have been watching some things from Disney+ - I am not paid by them by the way.  Something that is definitely suitable for you all: we watched the new version of The Lion King.  If you like the original cartoon version then I don’t see how you couldn’t also enjoy the new version.  The songs are the same, except a new one from Beyonce, who plays the female lead.  It also passed the Bechdel test, if only just.  If you don’t know what this is then please look it up and use it to judge any media you consume: Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Computer games.  I always do and it disappoints me to discover how many fail the test. The main reason I got Disney+ though was for the Mandalorian, a new Star Wars TV series which is really good so far. Unlike Netflix they aren’t releasing it all in one go so I have to wait to watch it every week :[  I wonder if Mr Savage will be watching it too?

Remember to please check that you have permission from your parents before accessing YouTube or using the internet.

Mr Spencer

Class Survey

Please complete the following survey, letting me know what I’m getting right so far with the learning I am giving you, or what could be improved.


Art & Design

With the clocks going forward, Easter just around the corner and the weather definitely getting warmer, I have started to notice Signs of Spring everywhere or SOS.  Which SOS have you seen around so far?  We all noticed the beautiful daffodils along College Road on our walks back from Ardingly College swimming pool, I have also had to cut my lawn for the first time since the Autumn, my cats have been moulting their fur everywhere and they can’t take their eyes off the nests in the eaves of my house.  My hearing isn’t good enough to hear their chirps, but I am sure that there are new born chicks in there that my cats would love to sink their teeth into.

Can you make a list of all the SOS you have noticed?  You could spot them on your daily exercise at the park, or on the roadsides, your own garden or failing that just by looking out of the window.

Next, I would like you to make a detailed drawing of a piece of nature. First sketch it with a pencil before improving your picture with just a pencil, watercolour paints or with coloured pencils.  Try not to use felt tips as it is hard to show detail with these. 

In my garden I found this beautiful piece of rhubarb which I cut and brought inside (click on the picture to make it bigger).  The more I looked at it, the more detail I noticed, such as the way the stem had lines of different colours coming out from the centre.  Or the way that light reflected off parts of the leaf but it remained dark inside the folds.  Be imaginative and creative with this task.  Don’t rush it but look very closely before you start drawing.  If you have a magnifying glass that would really help or take a photo and zoom right in.


Please look at the attached PowerPoint and complete the questions.  There is a separate one for Year 3 and Year 4, however, you can always complete both.

Year 3 


The learning is very similar to what you did yesterday but this time you will be thinking about how many millimetres (mm) are in a centimetre (cm).

Question 1 asks if you know there are 10mm in 1cm, then how many are 3cm?  Your knowledge of the 10 x table will be extremely helpful for this piece of work today. Measuring in mm can be very tricky so be careful to look very closely at question 3.

Question 4 asks you to make a table of items you have measured in mm. Here is my own table:


Length in cm and mm

Length in mm

PS4 controller

16 cm and 4 mm

164 mm

Width of my phone

7 cm and 6 mm

76 mm

Comic I’m reading

25 cm and 8 mm

258 mm

Year 4 can also do the Year 3 mm and cm lesson as it would be fantastic practice. If you find the first questions easy then please go straight to question 4.

Year 4

Today you will think about tenths as decimals.


It is important to remember that 0.1 is the same as saying one tenth, 0.4 = 4 tenths whereas 1.6 = 1 whole unit and 6 tenths. See the photo of my place value chart which I find helpful (Click on the picture to make it bigger).

Optional Additional Tasks

TT Rockstars

I have been asked how the Year 3 vs. Year 4 tournament works.  It is simple. You just play as you usually would.  Each correct answer gives your team a point.  So far Year 3 is beating Year 4 by 2689 points to 113!!!  You can check the score by going to Battles at the top of the screen and then selecting Current.  Come on Year 4!

Spelling Practice.

Can you write your spelling words in a sentence which uses a conjunction such as but, so, when, if, because, whilst, however?