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Cuckoo Class - Friday 22nd May

Good Morning Cuckoo Class!

We have reached the end of a half term of fabulous home learning.  I am so proud of everything you have achieved this half term.  Your positivity, perseverance and imagination have been brilliant Well done!

Today’s the final day of my uniform challenge so I am going for spots and stripes.  A stripy dress and a spotty hairband.  Have any of you been doing this too?

Thank you for all the lovely work you sent to the Cuckoo page yesterday.  It is not checked every day unless I have asked for a specific piece of learning.

Here are today’s activities.  Please remember, if you are not sure or finding something tricky, it’s okay to stop.  I’m really proud of you for trying.   Some of the work you will be doing includes some online links.  Again, remember to always make sure an adult knows that you are using the online links.   Always follow the e-safety rules we have learned about at school.  If anything does not seem right, always let an adult know. 

There are some activities which you should be doing as part of daily practice. These are reading your home reading book, practising spellings and doing 5 minutes of maths practice, for instance on Numbots or Sumdog.  If you need to access our previous days' learning, please follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Have a wonderful day and a very happy half term!

Mrs Skouros


Thank you to everyone who sent in reading recommendations.  Here are the books I have heard about so far.  I hope I’ve remembered them all.

The Marge Series by Isla Fisher

'If I Built a House' and 'If I Built a School' by Chris Van Dusen

'Izzy Gizmo' by Pip Jones

'James and The Giant Peach' and 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl

'Wigglebottom Primary' Stories by Pamela Butchart and Becka Moor

I’ve also heard about one of our class having a family story of 'The Railway Children' by Edith Nesbit being read to them by an adult as it is a little older.

Keep looking out for more recommendations!

Today I would like you to find a place to read one special story out loud.  It might be a special chair, under a tree in the garden, your bedroom.  Take some toys there too and one of your favourite books.  Read the story to your toys.  Use lots of expression to make the story come alive.


Please check this week’s spellings. I wonder if there are any you still find a bit tricky. Watch out for those when you do any writing.

Today we are going to write successful sentences.  This activity will help you focus on capital letters at the start of a sentence and the correct punctuation at the end.

Miss Price and Mrs Felton have been using an idea called LACE to look carefully at paintings and pictures.  I thought we could try this approach to a painting by Vincent Van Gogh whilst practising our sentence writing.  We are going to use the LACE approach to this painting called 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh.  Please answer each part with successful sentences.

LOOK: Describe what you can see. – Try not to start your sentences with ‘I can see…’

ASK: What do you want to know about what is happening in the painting?

CONCLUDE: What have you learned about the artist and techniques by looking at the painting.

EXPAND: What more would you like to know about? How can you find out?

Challenge: Can you think of an exclamation sentence?  How can you use your conjunctions to make the sentences more varied?


Year One

Please watch week 4 day 4 of the video:

Work through the examples in the video then make some examples of your own as shown below.

If you are unable to access the video or wish to work more practically, please carry out this activity.

Find the answers to 7 + 6 and the answer to 7 + 5.

Which answer is greatest?

We can say _____ + ______ is greater than ______ + _______

Now try this

Find the answers to 8 + 5 and the answer to 8 + 3.

Which answer is less?

We can say _____ + _____ is less than ______ + ______.

Try making some of your own.

You can use the symbol > to show greater than.

You can use the symbol < to show less than.

Challenge: Can you spot why these two calculations are equal?  6 + 9  and 7 + 8.  Can you make some more examples like this?

Year Two

Please watch day 4 of the video on this page.  It is about the 5 x table.

After you have finished this, please spend time on Sumdog.  I have set a times table activity for you to play before you go onto your own games.  I can see that lots of you are making progress – keep up the great work.


We have been looking at portraits and landscapes over the past few weeks. Today I would like you to explore the difference between taking a photograph in portrait and in landscape.  Ask an adult to show you how to use the device to take a portrait photo and a landscape photo by turning the device through a quarter turn.

Take some photos of the plants and flowers around your garden.  Each time, take the photo in portrait and in landscape.  Look carefully at the photos and decide which orientation (way round) looks better.  As always, check with an adult before using the device to ensure you use it safely.


'Starry Night' made me think of a very famous piece of music called 'Clair de Lune' which was written by Claude Debussy at the end of the 19th Century (about 120 years ago).  The title is French, but translates as moonlight.

Please listen to it here. The painting on the YouTube page is another of Van Gogh’s starry night paintings.

As you are listening to the music, think about how it makes you feel.  Why do you think it is called Clair De Lune (moonlight)?  Do you know the instrument which is being played in this piece?

Optional Additional Activities

Printing Flowers

Can you use printing to make your own flowers?  Here is an activity for printing using a fork, but you could also use cut fruit and vegetables or even rolled up kitchen paper, handprints etc. You could choose whatever you have checked you are allowed to use.


Football Fun

Tomorrow would have been the Men’s F.A Cup final at Wembley . I have been looking at the National Football Museum for ideas and they had a design your kit activity.  Why not design your own football kit for two different teams.  Those of you who enjoy football might also make up team lists, scores etc.


Why not have a half term celebration looking through all the super work you have produced this half term?  Invite your family and toys to come along.  Choose the music you would like to play at the start and finish of the celebration and a song you would like to sing.  You could write your own certificate of achievement to celebrate what you have done.

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